Distribution Questions

    1. Once a student is issued a device, is that his/hers for the entire school career? The plan is for a student to keep the same device at all times. The Chromebook and Chrometablet models are supported by Google for 5 years from date of purchase; the replacement cycle planned at this time is 4 years. Replacement cycles help avoid performance and battery life issues that typically occur with mobile technology keeping pace in rapidly changing software needs.

    2. Will students be able to have the Chromebook and Chrometablet at home next summer? No. All Chromebooks and Chrometablets will be turned in at the end of the school year.

    3. How should students identify their device and case? Each device has a serial number, is assigned a bar code number and assigned out to the student. Each device and case is identified with the student name, bar code and student ID #. The district keeps all that data, so if a Chromebook is misplaced, we can determine who it is assigned to and get it back to the student user.

    4. Will students get a protective case for their Chromebook and their Chrometablet? Students will receive a protective case for their Chromebook and Chrometablet. Students are expected to keep their school issued Chromebook and Chrometablet in the case at all times. Chromebooks and Tablets should never be transported while open as even gentle handling can damage the screen. Chromebooks and tablets should stay in their case and should be safely closed before they are taken from classroom to classroom, or to and from school.

    5. How do passwords work at home? Students should use their school password at home to access their files and the internet.

    6. If the student already has their own personal laptop, do they need this one also? Yes, the school device will still be needed. The school device will provide managed access to the district's resources, monitor student use, ensure a full day's battery life and create a common learning environment.

    7. My child forgot to charge their Chromebook or Tablet before school. Now what? Students will be expected to charge their Chromebooks and Tablets nightly at home and bring them to school fully charged. If one is available, students who do not bring a charged Chromebook or Tablet back to school may be issued a loaner device for the day, which cannot be taken home. Loaners may not be available and your student may be without the Chrome device for the day. 

    Questions about Damage

    1. When should parents purchase an optional care plan? Within the 30-day period of the time students bring the home. 

    Monitoring Questions

    1. Can the district track web history?  Yes.  The district can track information on what sites students were on, when they were on them and how long they were on those sites.  Students should only visit sites that are approved by the district and those that are not in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.  Violations of the policy can result in disciplinary action, including the student being suspended from using the school network and device use.  

    2. How is the Internet on the Chromebook and Chrometablet filtered?  The Chrome devices will include Internet filters to block inappropriate websites when connected to any WiFi network, at school or at home.  This also provides for tracking missing devices and reporting on student activities to check for responsible use.  While the software filter protects students in most cases, the best filter is adult supervision and students making good choices, being responsible digital citizen.  

    3. What about computer viruses getting onto the Chromebook or Chrometablet?  Since the applications run through the browser and online, there is little worry about having viruses infect the Chrome device's software or hardware.  

    4. Can student work be transferred from their Chrome device to another device?  Student applications, emails, bookmarks, documents, presentations and just anything done in the Chrome browser while a student is logged in is available on another Chrome browser on another device when the student logs in with his or her district email address.  The content will be the same on the Chrome device as it is, say, on a PC desktop computer, so long as the student is using a Chrome browser and their email login.  

    Repair / Liability Questions

    1. What happens if a device is damaged or lost? Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other district-owned items such as text books, athletic equipment, or library books.  The district will repair or replace the device, but students and parents will be responsible for the cost of these repairs or replaced devices Chromebook Repair Costs can be found here.  The liability of families/students can be reduced by taking part in the Optional District Chromecare for $45.00 per year (issued at the start of the year) and $30 for devices issued in November, per device, the District Chromecare will repair or replace the device at a significant savings to the student and his/her family. 

    2. What should a student do if the Chromebook device breaks?  At the High School, report to the school office (MS Room 103) or (HS ChromeCrew Room on 2nd floor) immediately.  The Magic Tech Team or HS Chrome Crew will determine the repair needed and if necessary escalate to the District IT Department.  Some of the repairs can be done in house, other problems may require the devices being sent out for repair, which can take several days or perhaps longer.   

    3. What should I do if the device is lost or theft is suspected? In any case report the incident immediately to the school office (Room 103).  A representative from the Magic Tech Team will contact the District IT Office and a technician can run specialized software that allows devices to be locked down so that they cannot be used by anyone.  If the device is stolen (outside of school), it is the responsibility of the student/parent/family to file a police report. 

    4. What if another student damages my student's device? In such cases, circumstances will be investigated on a case-by-case basis.  The situation should be reported to the school's office (MS Room 103) or (HS ChromeCrew Room on 2nd floor)  immediately and the Wright County police liaison officer may be involved if it is suspected to be an intentional act or act of vandalism.   

    Internet Access and Other Questions

    1. What if the student forgets to bring the Chromebook? In limited circumstances a student may check out a loaner Chromebook from the Magic Tech Team. 

    2. What if a student does not have access to the Internet at home, how can they be expected to complete their homework? Documents,    worksheets, videos and content needed for homework can be downloaded to Google Drive and can be accessed offline without access to the internet.  

    3.  In the event a student has to send his/her Chromebook out for repair, are there any spare devices? There are devices available for loan in the Magic Tech Team Office in the Middle School or at the ChromeCrew Tech Office in the High School.    

    4.  What happens if a student Chromebook is stolen? This may happen.  District Chromebooks run specialized software that allows devices to be locked down so that they cannot be used by anyone after it is stolen, thus making it worthless.  They can also be tracked through the software to aid in recovery of the device.

    5.  What will happen to existing computer labs? Computer labs will continue to be a part of the learning environment, the areas of industrial technology, CADD, business, computer applications, art and media centers will continue to have desktops available.  However, some of the computer labs will be phased out over time.