We know accidents happen and have set up a repair cost schedule should an accident happen (See Liability and Repair Costs link below). Because students and parents are responsible for District-owned technology that is issued to them, we are also offering an optional insurance plan. (See Optional Insurance Coverage Information below).

    Monticello School District Student Device Responsibilities
    (Expectations for Use, Ownership, Repair, and Replacement Information)

    Optional Insurance Coverage 2018/2019 School Year:  District Chromecare 
    Optional insurance coverage is available if parents would like to purchase withing 30 days of Chromebook issuance. 

    Optional Insurance Coverage 2019/2020 School Year: District Chromecare
    Optional insurance coverage is available if parents would like to purchase within 30 days of Chromebook issuance.

    Cost for Annual Insurance 2018/2019 School Year = $35.00

      • 1st. Instance = no charge
      • 2nd Instance & 3rd Instance = $25.00 deductible.    
    • Note:  should there be 4th or greater instances:  full cost of the repair and investigation to determine negligence or vandalism.  

    Insurance Coverage for:  

    • Accidents, Drops, Spills, Full Liquid Submersion, Power Surge
    • Lost, Theft, Burglary/Robbery
    • Perils:   fire, lightning, smoke, freezing, flood, damage by burglars, falling objects
    • Insurance does not cover intentional damage and vandalism

    When parent pays for optional insurance, the device will be noted in the Student Information System.

    Please Note:  ChromeCare Insurance does not cover vandalism, intentional damage or plucking keys off the keyboard

    Directions to Purchase District ChromeCare Insurance (choose one of the following):  

    • https://monticello.feepay.com - sign in and choose the option to purchase District Chromecare Insurance for $35.00
    • Pay by Check $35.00 - write Chromecare and your child’s student ID # in the memo section and turn into the School Office 
    • Pay by Cash $35.00 and turn into the School Office