• The District has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers.  This list will be updated as more questions are received.

    1. Where do I vote?
    2. Who can vote in this election?
    3. Why does the ballot say "by voting yes, you are voting for a property increase" and the District is telling us our property taxes will go down?
    4. Was there any community input on this, or did the District come up with this on its own?
    5. What will happen if the referendum fails?
    6. How will this affect my property taxes?
    7. I own a $175,000 home.  What would be my tax impact?
    8. What does the design look like?  What is being planned?
    9. How accurate are the cost estimates, and how were they arrived?
    10. How much is set aside for the stadium?
    11. Will the stadium have bathrooms?
    12. Will there be an opportunity for the public to ask questions and hear information about the bond referendum?
    13. What is the projected enrollment moving forward?
    14. Does the Department of Education get involved during the approval process?
    15. How can we be reassured the dollars are spent on the projects listed?
    16. How is a bond referendum different from an operating levy?
    17. Does this accommodate for long range planning/growth?
    18. Why is the District moving kindergarten to Eastview?
    19. Is traffic congestion for drop off and pick up part of this referendum?
    20. Why is having all the early childhood and kindergarten students in one building a good idea?
    21. Has the District considered the additional costs to operate the new early childhood facility?
    22. How can I get involved with helping the referendum pass?
    23. If I can't make it to a public meeting, but I still have questions, who can I contact?