• Bond Details by Buildings (Question 1)

    The initial planning stages of a potential bond referendum started nearly 18 months ago. With the help of ICS Consulting, Inc, preliminary facility questionnaires were completed with each school building administrator and head custodian to gain an understanding of the current physical conditions of the school building as well as current educational use of the school building. The information from those initial meetings help develop the capital bond referendum list. The list was reviewed multiple times and even presented to the staff at each building. Superintendent Johnson presented to the Curriculum Advisory Committee and Monticello Rotary which included community members and local businesses. The School District held listening sessions at the Monticello Community Center to community members on July 13th and 14th.

    All feedback received was reviewed by district administration, and the formal recommendation to the School Board was given at the July 20th school board meeting. The School Board took the final action to approve the call for election on the capital bond and operating levy referendum at the August 10th school board meeting. Listed below are the capital bond details by building. To see the impact on all district buildings, please view the Superintendent's presentation on the Referendum Details webpage.