• The Wright Technical Center provides advanced career and technical programs to area high school juniors and seniors. Each WTC course meets local high school graduation requirements and students may be able to earn post-secondary college credit. 

    You can find out more about the WTC here.

    Here are a few program-specific links: 

    Youth Apprenticeship 

    General Information

    Current Openings

    CEO - Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    General Information

    Recruitment Video

    Student Application (online)

    Student Application (paper)

    Weekly Newsletter

    WTC Student Program Costs 2018-19:

    Cosmetology Careers - $40 Mannequin Head - Nonrefundable

    Construction Technology - $25 Safety Equipment & Tool -Nonrefundable

    *Welding - $80 – Nonrequired (*estimated cost for safety equipment and welding helmet - if the student would like to buy their own equipment)


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