For Teens

  • Drug and alcohol use can be troubling for all involved. Know that it is OKAY to talk about your own use, or some else's and ask for help from the supportive people in your life. If you are concerned about getting help privately, remember that in Minnesota it is the state law to keep services for teens confidential (for reproductive health, mental health, and chemical use).  Ask a school counselor or other professional provider for more information about confidentiality. 


    The following additional information/links is researched-based information about alcohol use and drug abuse, including help with cutting-back or quitting use. 

    NIDA for Teens: The science behind drug abuse

    Above the Influence

    MN Prevention Resource Center

    Smoke Free TXT


     Where can I go during the school day if I am worried about my own, or some else's use of drugs or alcohol?

    • Your school counselor
    • A trusted teacher or principal
    • The School Resource Officer
    • Chemical Health Counselor (based on availability, see your school counselor for more information)