Lunch Visits

  • Lunch Time Visits by Parents/Relatives

    We ask all adults, who wish to have lunch with their Pinewood Student, to email the classroom teachers 24 hours prior to the lunch date. In the e-mail, please indicate if you are eating school lunch or bringing a cold lunch from home. We would appreciate it if you did not bring in fast food for you and your child to eat.

    If you decide to have lunch on the day of the visit, we must have at least a two-hour minimum notice. Twenty four hour notice is our standard, but we do have a two-hour short notice plan. A “short notice plan” requires you to email the teacher and call the office 763-272-2400. This short notice plan provides us as a school time to make sure the person visiting has rights to visit their child at school. This safety measure is not meant to inconvenience you; it is meant to keep ALL children safe.