• All meal purchases are to be prepaid before meal service begins. Families may add money to a student’s account through the School District’s website or send payment with the student to pay at the school office.

    When a student’s account falls below $10.00, an automated phone call and email will be made to the parent/guardian informing them of the low balance and that money will need to be put into the account. The food service meal system will notify the families three times during the week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Cashiers will verbally notify students that "Your balance is low, and payment is needed soon" when a student reaches a balance of less than $10. This process will continue until the student's balance becomes greater than $10.

    If a student’s account reaches -$20.00, the Food Service Director will send a letter to the family requesting payment for the negative balance and will send a free/reduced meal application in case there has been a change in financial circumstances. Once a student’s account reaches -$40.00, the Building Principal and Social Worker will make contact with the family. If a student’s account reaches -$60.00, the account will be turned over to the District Office at the end of the school year to send to a collection agency and the student account will be reset back to a $0.00 balance