School Closings

  • School closings will be announced over the radio and television. Radio and television stations list school closings several times during their early morning programs or during the day if school is already in session.

    Closing decisions are made as early as possible, always prior to the start of bus routes. Our district has had a practice of calling a two-hour late start in order to better judge the severity of the weather. On some occasions school will be two hours late. If the conditions warrant, we will move from a two-hour late start to a school closing. That decision will be made by 8:30 a.m.

    In the event of an early dismissal, we recommend that you have a pre-arranged plan so that your child may be able to either enter your home or go to the home of a neighbor.

  • On a questionable day, rather than calling the district office or your child's school, please listen to the radio, watch TV, or our website.