Citizens Comment (Address the School Board)

  • The Monticello School Board values the opportunity to hear from community members regarding issues that are important to them. School Board members can be reached privately via phone or email for detailed discussion. When a member of the public wishes to address the board publicly, and as a whole, they may do so through a Citizens Comment at a Monticello School Board Meeting. In order to address the board at a meeting, community members must fill out the Citizens Comment form by 8 a.m. on the day of the board meeting.

    Citizens Comment Request

    General Guidelines and Expectations

    • Due to time limitations, we will limit the number of speakers to 15 with each speaker receiving 3 minutes. 
    • After you address the Board, please leave the podium.
    • Monticello School District welcomes input from citizens as community involvement fosters better decision making and improved learning experiences for all students. While comments and questions are welcome during Open Forum, law prohibits the Board from discussing concerns about individual employees or students in a public meeting. We will stop the proceedings immediately if employee or student privacy issues are raised and direct the speaker to forward comments regarding individual employees or students to the superintendent.
    • Because we are modeling civil discourse for our community, speakers must present their testimony in a respectful manner. Vulgarity, character attacks, malice or specific complaints identifying staff or students by name or implication will not be permitted.
    • The Board will not deliberate, discuss, or engage in conversation with speakers during open forum.
    • However, the Board may ask administration to review the concern(s) presented. If you want to receive follow-up from the board or administration, please ensure you include your email address on the request form. Thank you.