• Fall 2021 School Meals Frequently Asked Questions

    Are meals free for all families this fall regardless of Free and Reduced eligibility?
    Yes, the United States Department of Agriculture announced an extension for schools to continue serving students under the Seamless Summer Program (commonly referred to as SSO). Our district will continue to provide meals to students during the 2021-2022 school year regardless of income eligibility.

    Should we still fill out an application for educational benefits since all students eat for free?
    Even though all students will receive free meals, we encourage all families, regardless of income to complete an application for educational benefits. Approved applications provide compensatory income from the Minnesota Department of Education. These funds are used to provide needed services and resources that benefit all students. In addition, families with approved applications may also qualify for free district-issued hot-spots, free or reduced athletic or activity fees within the district and state P-EBT benefits. There are also many opportunities within the community and neighboring cities to take advantage of free or reduced entrance fees or tickets with an approved application.

    Do I need to fill out a new Application for Education Benefits each year?
    Yes. We need a new application each year. You can fill it out online at your Parent Portal or you can print off an application and can mail or drop off at your student’s school. Only one application is needed per a family/household. The application can also be completed if you have a financial change in circumstances any time during the school year and you think you may now qualify for benefits. 

    How do I apply for Educational Benefits?
    You can complete the application on your parent portal.

    Who do I contact if I have any questions about my application?
    Please contact Kirsten Cowles at kirsten.cowles@monticello.k12.mn.us or (763) 272-2044

    What Meals will be offered at School?
    All Monticello school locations including Nature Based and Turning Point ALP will be offering students FREE breakfast and Lunch options. Menus are available on the Nutrition Services webpage.

    My Student attends a Nature Based Location or Turning Point ALP what menu do they follow?
    All Nature Based Locations follow Pinewood Elementary menus. PreK and K will have a hot lunch everyday due to federal regulations. 1st - 5th grade will be able to choose between hot and cold options.  Turning Point ALP will follow Monticello Middle Schools Main Line Menu

    My Student brings lunch from home. Can they purchase milk?
    Yes, all students can purchase a milk a la carte for $0.65.  Milk cannot be given free of charge without a meal due to state and federal regulations.  Free meals do include milk.

    Can my student purchase a second meal?
    Yes, Students at the Middle School and High School will be able to purchase a second meal or additional snack items at the snack bar during the meal periods. All snacks will meet USDA and Monticello wellness policy requirements. Students will be required to have a positive balance in their food service account to purchase additional meals or snacks.

    How do I add funds to my student’s account?
    Funds can be added to your student account on your parent portal

    How much will a second meal cost?
    Breakfast: $1.70
    Lunch: $3.05 (High School or Middle School price)
    Milk $0.65

    My student has a special diet due to medical needs. Will special diet menu items be available to meet my students' needs?
    Please contact Sodexo Director of Nutrition Services Ciara McDonald at ciara.mcdonald@monticello.k12.mn.us or (763) 272-3047 to discuss your students specific nutritional needs.  You can find the Special Dietary Forms on the Dietary Accommodations tab on the Monticello Nutrition Services Webpage. If you just need a lactaid milk accommodation a parent/guardian can complete this document however a Medical doctor must complete the special dietary form for all other accommodations.  Please note - School nursing staff will have additional required documentation that they will need for allergies and medical accommodations.

    Monticello Public Schools is a nut aware school, what does this mean?
    Monticello is peanut and tree nut aware meaning there are NO peanuts or tree nuts purchased or served for school meals. Some prepacked foods served for meals or snacks may be processed in a facility that processes peanuts or tree nuts, but the item served does not contain peanuts or tree nuts.

    Who do I contact with any questions or concerns?
    Please contact Food Service Director Ciara McDonald at (763) 272-3047 or Ciara.mcdonald@monticello.k12.mn.us