• School Cleaning Procedures

    Following the recommendations form the Minnesota Department of Health for cleaning practices. 

    1. Increased our efforts around high traffic, touchable surfaces.  
    2. Increased hand sanitizing stations and safe disinfectant products.
    3. Deep cleaning of surface areas every day which includes handrails, door knobs, front doors, condiment dispensers, serving spoons, sinks, countertops, phones, keyboards, faucets etc.  

    Please read  Cleaning for Student Chromebooks 

    See full context for Maintenance on page 47:  Monticello Distance Learning Guide

    Safety and Cleaning Measures

    • Protective gear (gloves and eye protection if needed per SDS sheets, avoiding cross contamination)
    • All hard surfaces will be sanitized in each building (lockers, doors, desks, handles, chairs, floors…)
    • Custodians are using backpack sprayers; they also use disinfectant wipes on smaller, detailed surfaces
    • Cleaning products used: 
    • If teachers must enter the building, they must sign in and out with principals or maintenance staff and must wipe down surfaces of their own classrooms, if they have entered.
    • If teachers must enter the building, they are confined to their own rooms; teachers must leave their garbage outside the classroom and re-sanitize any surfaces that they touched.
    • Parents are not allowed to go beyond the office for any reason
    • ALP – custodians will be cleaning the building
    • Lockers/locker rooms – spraying the outsides of all layers (aqueous ozone layer) 
    • One set of bathrooms will be available and sanitized on a regular basis

    Tri-Valley and Magic Adventures

    • Tri-Valley and Magic Adventures are checking kids’ temperatures as they come in
    • Spaces used and disinfected daily: media center, cafeteria, dramatic play, gym and classroom.
    • Daily bathroom and floor cleaning
    • Protective gear (gloves used; avoiding cross contamination)
    • Magic Adventures - Andrea Greenwald
      • Parents enter the main office to pick up their child(ren).  A staff member will walk their child(ren) to the office where the parent is waiting.  The parents do not enter the building beyond the office area. Door handles are wiped down
      • When kids are dropped off, the kid’s temperature is taken,  Parents are also asked if the kids have any coughing symptoms or been taking any fever reducing medication before entering the building for child care.
Last Modified on March 28, 2020