• What grade do I register my child for?
    You register your child for the CURRENT grade they are in (2021-2022 school year).
    How many weeks can I register for?
    You can register for any amount of weeks - 1, 2, 3, or all 4.
    Do I have to attend classes all 4 weeks?
    No you do not have to take classes all 4 weeks. You can take anywhere from one to four weeks of classes, and can take half-day or full-day options!
    One of my children got an invite, can my other children go? 
    Only children who received the invite are allowed to register. 
    Why are classes so different in prices?
    Base prices for each week of classes are $109 for half day and $209 for full day. Certain classes have additional fees based on supplies needed for the class, and that is reflected in the cost of the class.
    Are their payment plans available?
    Yes. Please contact the Monticello Community Education Office at 763-272-2030 to learn more. 
    Are there scholarships available?
    Scholarships may be available through your home district, please contact them for inquiries.
    *Early bird discounts applied to all classes February 7 - March 6. $10 off per class taken.
    What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    Class determinations will be made the week of March 21. Classes that do not meet the minimum number of participants, will be cancelled. Students will be given a chance to move to a different class that is running the same week or a full refund will be given. (Additional fees may apply)
    Starting March 21, only partial refunds (50%) will be given for classes cancelled by the participant, if above the minimum number of students to run the class. Students may move to a different class that is running without penalty if minimum enrollment has been met.
    After April 11, no refunds will be given for classes cancelled by the participant or changes to schedules.